Newman Foods

About Us

Newman foods Ltd has been in existence since January 2013, and started out in fresh produce export, expanded into processing chili sauces, and eventually ventured into the snacks business and through this business got to interact with several farmers and suppliers.

We help farmers to increase their harvests, build their incomes and sustain natural resources.

We work closely with local communities, who actively participate in the local produce and typically, our staff are from the local area, can
speak the local language and have a deep understanding of the local context.

Newman foods Ltd helps to identify the costs and benefits of enrolling farmers onto different certification schemes and develop the technical, business, marketing and financial skills they need to gain appropriate accreditations.

Newman Foods Ltd works with rural farmers to increase the value of
their harvests through better farming practices and simple processing of any surplus they produce. We also help them find ways of earning a living that are suited to their natural environment, so they can improve their lives without damaging the natural resource they rely on. We also provide to 5,000 farmers with agronomic support and planning tools so that they can meet buyers’ need for certified, timely and large instalments of produce

Our Vision

To resilient rural Uganda where farmers and the environment thrive and build the Newman foods brand to the extent that every business and household consumes a Newman foods product.

Our Mission

Promoting Modern Commercial farming through advising and encouraging local production and promote sustainable agricultural practices, strengthen local and international markets for local farmers of Uganda and to be the number one high quality snack supplier in the country and region.